Caring for Color Treated Hair

Have the changing leaves left you with a little bit of color envy? If you’re thinking of changing shades, it’s important to learn about maintaining color treated hair so you can keep your hair healthy and happy throughout the process. We’ve all heard terrible stories about the mishaps that can occur when coloring your hair, but as long as you do your homework and follow a good regimen to care for your new color, there should be no problems. Here are a few tips to ensure your hair’s health through the coloring process.


Trust a Professional

The convenience and price tag might make dying your own hair sound appealing, but the potential damage you might cause by this attempt should be enough to scare you off. Do your research and choose a professional stylist that you trust. He or she can guide you on what your best options are and answer any questions you may have.

Wash Less

This may not apply to everyone’s routine, but over washing your hair can lead to fading color and dry hair. Try to stretch out the time between washdays as much as possible. Refresh an old style using your Q-Redew to help it last a few extra days.

Moisture (as always) is Key

Keeping your hair moisturized is a critical part of retaining your color and keeping your hair healthy. Dry hair means damaged hair, and your hair will be more prone to dryness once it has been colored. Use your Q-Redew to infuse moisture into your hair’s cuticle.

Don’t Skip the Deep Conditioning

Speaking of the benefits of moisture, it’s important that you also periodically deep condition your hair. Find a deep conditioner and method you love and use them twice a month. See how you can use your Q-Redew to assist in your deep conditioning treatment.

Say NO to Heat

Refrain from using heat as much as possible! Instead of using heat-damaging appliances such as a blowdryer or curling/flat iron, try a protective style or a braid/twist out. You can use your Q-Redew to create a steamer blow out or refresh your twists as well.


Don’t be afraid to trim up damaged ends as needed. Leaving them alone will allow the damage to move further up the hair shaft. When you are trying to preserve your color, this becomes even more important.

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