The Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair Growth

In the pursuit of longer healthier strands, many people have turned to supplements to assist with hair growth and retention. But is it worth the hype? According to multiple medical sources, such as Dr. Melissa Piliang , Whitney Bowe, MD , and Dr. Dennis Gross , there are several vitamins that can help you achieve your healthy hair goals, especially when combined with other practices to maintain the health of your hair.

Here are a few of the recommended vitamins for hair growth and retention:


Adult women, especially those who don't eat a lot of red meat have a tendency to be deficient or extremely low in iron. Even if they are not anemic, low iron levels can be detrimental to overall health. Iron carries oxygen to the hair and promotes growth. Physicians recommend consulting your doctor to suggest how much iron you should take daily.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important since it promotes hair follicle cycling, and it is especially recommended during winter months and for individuals who live in areas where sunlight is limited. It also promotes the health of the skin and scalp.


People who exercise frequently or tend to sweat profusely lose a significant amount of zinc, which is a vital hair growth mineral. In order to recover this loss, doctors recommend consuming 15-30mg daily.

B-complex Vitamins

B-Complex vitamins include biotin, niacin and cobalamin and are among the most popular B-complex vitamins. They assist in restoring your hair’s shine and thickness.

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