The Cure for Dry, Frizzy, Static Prone Hair

Cold and/or dry weather tends to zap all of the moisture from your hair, leaving in its place a lot of frizz and static. Creams, butters, and oils can only do so much, since moisture needs to be infused into the cuticle in order to survive the difficult weather conditions. So what is a curly girl to do?


If you have the time, you can certainly deep condition more frequently and add a regular pre-poo treatment to your regimen, but sometimes you just need a quick boost of moisture to tame the frizz and reduce the static.


Steam is a great way to add life to dry, static prone hair. All it takes is a few minutes of Q-Redew steam.


  • Apply Q-Redew steam through length of the hair to enhance natural texture while infusing moisture
  • Use the prongs of the Q-Redew to lift and separate hair to distribute steam.
  • Gently use your fingers to apply any additional smoothing products.
  • Let hair cool before touching to avoid frizz.


The moisture allows for the reduction of static and continuing to use the Q-Redew will improve the long-term health of your hair. Looking for more ways to reduce your frizz? Learn how to tame your frizz here.

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