The Q-Review with The Polished Curl


Welcome to the Q-Review! Every month, we feature a recent demo, review, or testimonial on our blog. Today, we’re featuring Becky, of  The Polished Curl.

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​5 Terms Every Curly Should Know

Some of the terms we use in the curly community sound a bit odd. Don’t pineapples belong in fruit salad and not on my head? And I’m pretty sure that plopping is what I do onto the couch after a hard day. For those just starting to embrace their curls and learn different ways of caring for them, it can be overwhelming to decipher their meanings. We’ve put together a brief overview of some common terms.

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The Q-Review with Mo Knows Hair

Welcome to the Q-Review! Every month, we showcase a recent demo, review, or testimonial. Today we’re highlighting Mo of  Mo Knows Hair and the video series she recently created to feature three different uses for the Q-Redew.

Monica, or “Mo,” is the founder of Mo Knows Hair, a resource dedicated to providing tips and tutorials for beautiful, healthy hair. She has garnered great popularity on social media for her style and personality, and continues to grow in popularity on and offline.

“My hope, with Mo Knows Hair, is that I can be a resource to those looking for hair care help and styling inspiration. I’ve had my hands in many types of hair over the years, and have learned lots about styling and hair care that I want to share with you all!” ~ Mo

In her first video, Mo demonstrates how to restyle an old wash and go into a two strand flat twist out using the Q-Redew to refresh and rejuvenate hair between styles.

The next video features a pre-poo routine for deep conditioning using the Q-Redew to assist in the penetration of the products into the hair’s shaft.

The last video displays how to use the Q-Redew to refresh a few day old wash and go, by moisturizing and rejuvenating the hair.

What is your favorite way to use your Q-Redew? Is it one of the ways Mo has demonstrated? Tell us in the comments below!

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3 Things to Remember Before Deciding Your Hair Type

Hair typing can be intimidating. With so many products on the market that are listed for certain hair types and textures, it feels like deciphering how to label your hair is an inevitable step in your natural hair journey.

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The Q-Review with Taren Guy

Welcome to the Q-Review! Every month, we showcase a recent demo, review, or testimonial. Today we’re highlighting YouTube vlogger,  Taren Guy’s January Favorites video, which includes her thoughts on the Q-Redew.

Taren began her natural hair vlog on YouTube in June 2009. She documented her own natural hair journey: A chronicle of her transition from chemical straightening to embracing her natural curls. Now Taren has a worldwide following of fans looking for tips on natural hair and beauty.

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From Puff to Twistout with Q-Redew Steamer

You may think that it's too good to be true, but you can go from a dry, crunchy, old hairstyle to a perfect twistout without rewetting your hair and starting over.The Q-Redew hand held hair steamer is the secret to this shortcut.

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Once there was a curly girl named Heidi. Heidi has always LOVED curly hair. It took a while for Heidi to learn to care for her curls, but with the help of Curly Girl The Handbook by the original curly girl, Lorraine Massey, she quickly learned. After playing nice with her curls, she loved curls even more! Curls were fun, attention grabbing, full of personality and best of all, big!  

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