4 Keys to A Successful Wash and Go!

The wash and go is probably one of the main styles that many curly girls struggle with perfecting. The curly girl world will involve much trial and error but here are a four tips that may help you get the wash and go results you want!

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Graduation Hair "Bantu Knots with Miss Q"



It's that time of year, graduation is just around the corner for many of us. It's an exciting time to celebrate well-deserved accomplishments and look back on past memories. Along with graduation also comes stressors associated with that little black hat, especially for curly girls. We are faced with the dilemma, "Do we give in and straighten?" or  "Do we try to manage and style the curls?"

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​Helping Her Love Her Curls – Parenting a Curly Girl

Today, we’re taking the Q-Redew blog in a slightly different direction. We love talking about things that are current in the curly community and feel that this is an issue that is particularly important. Many of us are moms to kids with curly hair, and recently, more and more campaigns are being put forth that shine a light on how natural hair and natural curls affect a child’s self image.

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The Q-Review with The Polished Curl


Welcome to the Q-Review! Every month, we feature a recent demo, review, or testimonial on our blog. Today, we’re featuring Becky, of  The Polished Curl.

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​5 Terms Every Curly Should Know

Some of the terms we use in the curly community sound a bit odd. Don’t pineapples belong in fruit salad and not on my head? And I’m pretty sure that plopping is what I do onto the couch after a hard day. For those just starting to embrace their curls and learn different ways of caring for them, it can be overwhelming to decipher their meanings. We’ve put together a brief overview of some common terms.

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How-To With Your Q-Redew: Refreshing Your Style

Yesterday, your curls were the definition of perfect. Each coil was smooth and shiny with not a hint of fizziness. Today… it looks like you and your pillow got into a fight and your pillow won.

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3 Things to Remember Before Deciding Your Hair Type

Hair typing can be intimidating. With so many products on the market that are listed for certain hair types and textures, it feels like deciphering how to label your hair is an inevitable step in your natural hair journey.

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Curly Girl Musts for 2015 – Accessories & Hairstyles for the New Year

A new year means new hair trends and we’re looking forward to some of the fun accessories and hairstyles that will be in style! The best part: most of 2015’s runways styles are perfect for naturally curly hair. Here are just a few of the things we’re excited to try.

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Can't Wear your Hair Curly Due to Frizz?

I commonly hear, "I have curly hair too, but I could never wear it curly because it's too frizzy".

Well guess what?  Yes you can!  And what's more, the frizz is your curly hair sending out an SOS. It needs moisture- it's suffocating and drying out! Every head of frizz can be turned into a crown of gorgeous curls, waves or kinks. Really! 

Typically the cycle of frizz starts with products we use. Products are often loaded with silicones that initially give us very positive results - smooth, good shine, manageable. These products often include high-end, pricey, salon recommended purchases. We may believe we found the holy grail of products. But unfortunately, the joy is temporary. Silicones coat the hair. Think of a plastic sleeve covering each hair strand. The hair begins to dry out and crave water.  When hair is thirsty, it's frizzy!  The obvious solution would be to apply water, water-based conditioners and moisturizers, right? Unfortunately, since your hair is now coated in plastic, no matter what product you choose or how much you apply, the product cannot absorb through the plastic and into the hair.  In fact, more product application contributes to the buildup.

The frustration sets in and the flat irons come out.  Ugh.

Tweaking your cleansing and moisturizing routine is the solution to achieving and maintaining the maximum health and beauty of your hair.  You want your products to be sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. 


Here is how you can transition to a curl enhancing cleansing and conditioning routine:

  • The first step towards breaking the curse (aka. frizz) is clarifying the hair - get the plastic silicones off!  It may take several washes with a clarify wash such as Curls, Pure Curls- Clarifying Shampoo to remove all of the residue and detox the hair. You will not use a clarifying product every time you wash your hair. Only when you have buildup.  If you are avoiding silicones in all of your hair products, you may only need to clarify very occasionally or never again!
  • Once the hair is detoxed of silicones, each individual hair strand can absorb water and moisturizing conditioner. The trick here is to use a silicone-free, moisture-rich products like Curls' Coconut Sublime Conditioner. Why? We do not want silicones to buildup again. When we condition, we want individual hair strands to freely absorb moisture.  These moisturized strands will turn into amazing waves, curls and kinks.
  • Next time you cleanse use a sulfate-free cleanser (often referred to as a co-wash or cleansing cream) instead of regular shampoo that lathers. A co-wash does not contain the harsh sulfates that not only get our hair squeaky clean, but also strip the hair and scalp of the desirable oils needed for healthy frizz-free curls. Curlicious Curls Cleaning Cream is a great option. Ditch the shampoo! The co-wash will not lather, which may seem strange at first. However, going forward you don't need the lather, because you have been avoiding products that will buildup.  You will find that the co-wash has enough surfactants that, when paired with nice finger pad scalp scrubbing, your hair will be just as clean. Think of the lather as just a bad habit to break.
  • Your styling products must be chosen with care as well.  Remember, whether you prefer a styling gel or styling cream, choose a paraben, silicone-free product. Checkout Curls serums, gels, and creams

Repeat the co-wash, condition, and style routine as needed. Once you get the hang of using the silicone and sulfate free products you can try to extend the days between co-washing to second, third, forth day hair. That thought may make you scratch your head, literally. As your hair adjusts and responds to this new routine the need to cleanse everyday is a thing of the past.  

I admit it takes a bit of patience and trial and error, but the results are fantastic! I promise you.

A great resource for more information on the no sulfate, paraben, and silicone routine is Curly Girl The Handbook by Lorraine Massey.

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